AT+QGDCNT command data usage

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I would like to know what type of bytes are measured by AT+QGDCNT command in EC21-E module.

Are they only application layer data or do they comprise also transport (e.g. TCP overhead) and routng (e.g. IP routing) data layer?

I did a test and checked against carrier operator usage but the result are very different (more than 2.5 times the one reported by operator respect the one reported by AT+QGDCNT command).

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AT+QGDCNT Packet Data Counter
This command allows the application to check how much bytes are sent to or received by the module.

The size of the packet queried and obtained by this method is only the net load of the packet, excluding the packet header and data encapsulation.However, the traffic measured by carriers is the packet size after encapsulation, so there is a big difference in packet size.
For example, if you send a string of 100 bytes through the module, the result of the query is 100 bytes according to the AT commad, but the actual traffic packet will be larger through encapsulation.

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I’m completely aware that carrier operators count the encapsulation and header of the data load. I guessed QGDCNT counts ony the net load of packet and you confirmed that.

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Any possibility to track the data usage including encapsulation (=charged by carriers)?

I guess I could look with private MQTT server and Wireshark but at module level?

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