AT+QFWRITE response doesn't start with \r\n

I am using BG95-M1 module. Firmware version is BG95M1LAR02A02.

I have observed that response of command AT+QFWRITE doesn’t start with \r\n.
Thus, response is like this : +QFWRITE: 3,3\r\n\r\nOK\r\n

Other commands, for example, AT+CEREG? respond as per expectation where response starts and ends with \r\n.

So, can anyone explain why response of AT+QFWRITE doesn’t start with \r\n ?

actually , i am not udnerstand what your means ,
Even , AT+CEREG? cmd and ATE cmd , it does not begin with \r\n

i attached it as below

i attached the HEx format also


OD 0A means " /r/n"

any more confusion , pls send email to

I think his question is:

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I double check this with R&D

Pls seen the below comments .


Because this repsonse include multi line .

Yes, correct. Sorry, I was not much aware about how multi-line responses are presented.
No problem with AT+QFWRITE response.