AT+QFUPL failed with error code 407

Hi everyone,

I am trying to use gpsOneXTRA function and following the example steps in Quectel_EC2x&EG9x&EG2x-G&EM05_Series_GNSS_Application_Note_V1.3, and the module I used is EG-25G.

When I first used AT+QFUPL command, it responed CONNECT and stopped for a while, and then no more reponse from the module.
After that , I tried AT+QFUPL again, and the module responsed an error code as 407.
After the error code, I used AT+QFLST="RAM:* to check the memory and the response was +QFLST: “RAM:xtra2.bin”,1798. The size of the file is wrong.

To contiue the steps for gpsOneXTRA, I need to solve these problems first.
The following questions are confused me.

    1. Do I need to under the open sky when using AT+QFLST?
    1. Do I need to first download the file to my PC before using AT+QFLST?
    1. Do QCOM is still needed if using AT+QFLST?
    1. If pre-download and QCOM are both needed, what is the sequence of these three operations?

I will really appreciate for suggestions.


I had solved this problem.

The step I missed is to send the data file from MCU to the module after “AT+QFUPL”.
I found this in the first example of File_AT_Commands_Manual.

To answer myself,

    1. Not need to under the open sky to upload the data file. Becuase the data file needs to be downloaded to PC and place in MCU first (in my case), and the “AT+QFUPL” wouldn’t directly download the data file from the internet. User shall send the data file to the module after the “CONNECT” response of “AT+QFUPL”.
    1. Yes, as the above desciption.
    1. In my case, I sent the data file from MCU to module through the C library of AT commands, and it doesn’t need QCOM.
    1. It doesn’t need both pre-download and QCOM at the same time.

Thank you