AT+QENG="servingcell" // Responds with details even when no SIM


Using: EC25-E modules

We are using the following AT command to retrieve LTE RSRP/RSRQ details:


We’ll get:
+QENG: “servingcell”,“NOCONN”,“LTE”,“FDD”,454,03,30D4904,276,2850,7,5,5,43,-102,-10,-71,3,25

We take the SIM out and we get the same result:
+QENG: “servingcell”,“NOCONN”,“LTE”,“FDD”,454,03,30D4904,276,2850,7,5,5,43,-102,-10,-71,3,25

Why ?
If there is no SIM we’re not expecting to get CELLID and RSRP/RSRQ values…
Is this just what’s last stored in Flash ?

How do we get the module to return no PDP connections when no SIM connected ?
Do we need to cold pwr cycle ?

I think it’s historical retention data, so if you restart it, maybe it’s clear; The radio reference of the service cell can be normally obtained only after it is connected or camp the radio network. If you do not insert the SIM card when cannot obtain; But if you don’t dial PDP, you can get the service cell reference normally。

Thank you.
We will try power cycling.