AT+QCSQ SINR RSSI value convertion


I would like to use AT+QCSQ command for EG21G.
I tried it and received next responses:

+QCSQ: “WCDMA”,97,-95,-3

+QCSQ: “LTE”,67,-97,130,-10

  1. As far as I know the first parameter is the RSSI value. But RSSI is need to be in dB and be negative.
    How can I convert the RSSI from this command to the real RSSI (negative in dB) ?

  2. Third parameter in WCDMA case is ECIO value. Is this correct? Is it need to be converted or used as is?

  3. Third parameter in LTE case is SINR value? How I convert it? As far as I know this value need to be in range 0 to 20+. I found two options:

  1. SINR = value / 5 (from my example 130/5 = 26)
  2. SINR = value/2 - 23.5 (from my example 130/2 - 23.5=41.5)
    Which one is correct for EG21G?

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