AT+QCSQ command for RM500Q-AE


While reading a post on this forum I discovered an AT command not written in the manual (Quectel_RG50xQRM5xxQ_Series_AT_Commands_Manual_V1.1-2 ; date = 2020-11-06). The command is AT+QCSQ, which stands for “Query and Report Signal Strength”. according to the documentation of an other product from Quectel, it gives the following output : ,<lte_rssi> <lte_rsrp> <lte_sinr> <lte_rsrq>.

However, I’ve read that this is not a standard AT command, the output might differ based on the equipment. The commands work fine with RM500Q-AE even if I am not sure what does the output corresponds to. here is an example :
+QCSQ: “NR5G”,-72,31,-11


+QCSQ: 0


Could someone tell me what are the values returned by AT+QCSQ for the RM500Q-AE ?
Also, if anyone has a more recent version of the AT commands documentation for RM500Q-AE models, I’d love to have it!

Best regards.

please refer
EC20_ATC_AT+QCSQ&AT+QTEMP_V1.0_Preliminary_20151022.pdf (561.6 KB)

Many thanks for the support !

In fact, I had previously reviewed the document you have just provided. The problem is that there is no line dedicated to the “NR5G” mode I am using. I will try to run some test using the logs of my RRH.

Otherwise, thanks for everything.