AT <--Not found this command, please check you command-->

Hello guys ,
i’m using gsmevb with mc60-tea-kit
After establishing connection with putty ,I write AT and I get this error <–Not found this command, please check you command–>
Please help guys , I am really in trouble

Hi Mohamedali_Trigui:
Can other AT commands be executed successfully?Please check he baudrate of the putty is correct or not.
Also you can try to use QCOM to test AT commands.Please download the tool from the link below:

Hello Winnie
Same problem with Qcom . Open COM Port Success but i get nothing when I try to send AT

Please confirm whether the module is powered on successfully.You can check whether the indicator light on EVB is normal or not, or you can take a picture for me.

I have LED D503(POWER) lighted… The LED D502(NETLIGHT) flashing at a certain frequency
But the LED D101(STATUS) is not lighted as indicated int the manual user

Are you using our EVB+MC60 module?Please confirm whether the serial port line is connected to the MAIN port(not DEBUG port).use RS232 to connect to the Main port.
Then enter AT several times and to see if you can get a response.

yes everything is like you said

@Mohamedali_Triguican you please share the photo of the module.
Please confirm the module complete part number.

The problem was that i m using MC60 instead of MC60E
thanks for everything

I’m trying to connect my phone with bluetooth terminal.
Can anyone help me ?

You can refer to the following document:

AT+QBTSCAN return OK without showing other bluetooth devices

Please enable the BT function first and then start to scan.
If it can’t show any bluetooth devices,you can set BT is visible forever and then use your bluetooth device to scan the module: