AT+CSQ? response <ber> always equal 99

We are using the Multitech MTSMC-L4G1 SocketModem which incorporates the Quectel EG25 Revision: EG25GGBR07A08M2G. The modem is communicating fine over the Verizon network in Hurricane, WV USA. We have noticed that the modem always responds with a of 99 when using the AT+CSQ command:

rx>[D][A]+CSQ: 22,99[D][A][D][A]OK[D][A]

We are also supporting a customer how wants to use the same modem in our product in Amsterdam Netherlands. They have had experience in the past with other modems returning 99 for and are concerned that this will be a problem. The indicated that using COPS to lock to a certain provider corrected the issue in the past.

What would cause the to always report 99 and do you have any recommendations on this subject?

The reference BER is not developed and currently uses the default value;
In extreme cases, the BLER of general communication modules needs to be less than 5% to meet the network access criteria

Am I understanding you correctly that the AT+CSQ command will always return BER = 99 since this feature is not implemented in the modem?

Is there an AT command that will actually return the BLER (or BER) value? Just wondering also, is BLER a typo? Did you mean BER?


There is currently no corresponding fetch result by at command for BLER