AT+COPS=? return CME ERROR: Operation not allowed

Dear Support

Modul: EC25
Revision:: EC25EUXGAR08A05M1G

Im trying to do a network scan by sending AT+COPS=?
In rare cases it works as excpected but most time the module returns “CME ERROR: Operation not allowed” after approximately 2 to 3 minutes.

As I do not observe this problem with modules form other manufacturers (Cinterion, Telit) using the same SIM - Card it must be something EC25 specific.

Can You please tell me, what can cause the module returning this error code?

Hi @Manfred.M
AT+COPS=? The command needs to be done in idle mode, the business state will report an error, the reason is that this scan will occupy RF resources, in order not to interrupt the business transmission, so the business mode will report an error.


The command needs to be done in idle mode
What exactly does “idle mode” mean?
What I do before running the scan is deregistering from network by “AT+COPS=2”
But this does not help!

This means that when executing this command, there cannot be any business in progress, such as TCP connection, ping or other upload and download, phone and SMS services, etc.

Sorry for the late reply.
Still no success.
I added “AT+CGATT=0” followed “AT+COPS=2” before running “AT+COPS=?”, but the probability is only 50%,
that it works!
So maybe You have an idea?