AT+COPS resets network search mode configuration

I am using a EG95-EX module with the firmware revision EG95EXGAR10A04M1G.
I change the network mode configuration to search only for the 4G network.
Then I set the Operator selection mode to automatic.

These commands are sent in this particular order:

  1. AT+QCFG=“nwscanmode”,3
  2. AT+COPS=0

If I query the network mode configuration with ’ AT+QCFG=“nwscanmode” ’ , I get nwscanmode, 0 (automatic).

Why does AT+COPS=0 modify the network mode configuration?

Hi @JimmyMars
The 0 for AT+COPS=0 is auto mode, so if you modify it and then use AT+COPS=0 it will revert to auto mode.

My reading of 3GPP 27.007 (section 7.3) is that “Automatic mode” should refer to the network operator, and not to the Access Technology.


Set command forces an attempt to select and register to the GSM/UMTS/EPS/5GS network operator using the SIM/USIM card installed in the currently selected card slot. <mode> is used to select whether the selection is done automatically by the MT or is forced by this command to operator <oper>

So it has always puzzled me that AT+COPS=0 also sets the RAT mode to automatic on Quectels.

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I should have mentioned that you can specify the RAT as part of the +COPS command, as we do in the ROOter project as a work-around.

Eg, for LTE: AT+COPS=0,,,7