AT communication does not work. EG25-G

Hello Quectel,

I got a new EG25-G USB+TTY test board for one of my projects. The device is detected on Ubuntu when I plug it in using the USB. Below is the debug info from usb devices. The modem is detected and the tty’s are available.
Screenshot from 2022-01-25 18-47-12

However, I do not get a response from any of the four ttyUSB i/f when I use the simplest AT command like AT or ATI. NOTE: I do not have a sim card inserted and see that there is a constant blue light blink on the test board. But my assumption is that the modem should atleast provide response to AT and ATI commands. I just keep getting unknown command ‘AT’. try ‘help’ whenever I run anything from microcom, including USBtty2 which I believe is for AT i/f.

Thank you, any help is much appreciated.

I’m not familiar with microcom, but I have read the online man page.

It looks to me that you’re interacting with the program menu, instead of the modem.

Try the program menu command exit to go to the mode which interacts with the modem.

Thank you. I was able to get it to work.