AT Commands not saving settings


GoldenOrb 2020-03-01

Quectel ec25-e

Network: Digicel

Available network 3G only WCDMA 850

Issue: AT commands not saving.

Method: SSH with socat and I also use the luci interface but neither save my changes.




After entering the following commands I get the “OK” response from the modem but the modem doesn’t save my changes. What am I doing wrong? How do I save my changes because my internet connection drops every hour when it switches to 4G. My area doesn’t have a working 4g network and I don’t want it to use anything related to 4g. Thank you

hello. I also have the modules and router you commented, but I use the official firmware of zbt. I can run at command and always they work perfect.

And my internet fail always 4g or 3g. I think it is quectel issue.
Using the same sim card in my old mr3020 router and my usb stick lte modem zte mf823 with serial connections, works much better.

I think the problem is ec25 because also fails in my windows computer using USB adapter. Hmmm also can be the ISP because also fails in my samsung phone xD but it reconnect quickly. The quectel module never reconnect quickly, sometimes it never recovers the connection :clown_face:

The relevant parameters you have configured are mainly for your terminal to be locked on the 3G network,However, these configuration parameters cannot be stored in the terminal’s NV file.It is mainly to avoid that the parameters subjectively configured by others may cause the terminal to be unable to access the network normally, so the restart defaults to the initial configuration parameters.
If you do not have a 4G network in your area, it is suggested that you contact your SIM provider to cancel the 4G service on your SIM card so that your device can be registered directly with the 3G network!