AT Commands for GSM Location Application

Hi everybody,
I have a BG95-M3 but I dont’t know how to use GSM Location Application and dont’t have materials about them.
Please help me with GSM location materials!

GSM positioning application is not supported

i see in Quectel_BG95_Series_LPWA_Specification_V1.5 there is support. Would you please help me check again?

BG95 supports GNSS, but not GSM positioning

Please answer me Why is there GSM Position support in the specification but not used?

BG95 suports GSM radio NETWORK

I have one last question that I need your help with. Does BG95-M3 function as a wi-fi router? Please tell me how to use it and its AT commnand!

Module does not have WiFi function on it’s own.