AT Command to send UART Data


I have a RM500Q module on a PCIe Card EVB. Currently I can send data through the Qnavigator to a web server. The board is connected to the PC through USB port. The board also have an RS232 port but if I am not wrong it is just to debug.

Now I would like to transmit data from my sensors through the RM500Q. My sensors have rs232 and ethernet interfaces. So, for example, I would like to transmit sensor data over its serial port every 2 seconds. I want RM500Q to recieve this serial data from my sensors and publish it to a web server.

The Qnavigator allow me to use AT commands to send messages, however it only helps me publish manual console data to the server.

I’m looking for a way to interface my sensors with the module.

Hello Gustavo,
Nice to know you. May i have your company? About your question, my reply as below,
RM500Q don’t support openlinux, so both RM500Q and your sensors should be connect with your cpu, then your cpu can pass the sensor data to RM500Q,and RM500Q main communication port is USB or PCIE. Please kindly know it. Thanks!

Hello Peter,

Thanks for your answer.

Ok If I understood correctly I have to add the cpu between my sensors and the module. Right? I can use the Qnavigator to get the data from my sensors and forward to the EVB or I should develop a code for that?

Maybe I have to develope a tool to get my sensor data from COM1 for example, and forward it to COM2 (where the EVB will be connected). Is it necessary or there are some feature like that in the QNavigator?

If I do that, I have to send the data using the AT commands, right?

Thank you very much for your help.

Have a nice day

Hello Gustavo,
Your understanding is right, you need to add the cpu and develop a code.
In addition, if your input data is not very large, maybe our LTE Cat4 module EC25 will be better for your application.

Hello @Peter.Zhu-Q,
I’m having the same issue. Just bought RM500Q-GL module and I don’t see information regarding UART communication in the Hardware Design guide. Do you confirm I can’t communicate via UART with the module? If so, why the AT Commands manual informs about URC output to UART port?

Hello Miguel,
Nice to know you,
RM500Q-GL have not UART interface for communication, if you want, you can change to RG500Q that it is LGA footprint. in fact, most customer prefer to use PCIE or USB interface for 5G application. Thanks!

Ok, thanks. Will you have any PCIE module with 5G?

Both RM500Q and RG500Q support PCIE interface.