AT Command Support for EC21 and EC25 Different

I am working with EC21 and EC25 modules. I understood that the both module families had the same AT command support, but I am finding that the EC21 module has logical channel support (+CCHO, +CCHC, and +CGLA) which I really need, but the EC25 does not. I am also finding that the support for +CSIM varies between the modules.

The module firmware versions are:


Is there an updated/alternative firmware for the EC25 which will provide AT command support similar to the EC21?

Dear Ron Mcleod,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
For your question, please note that you use EG21G module, not EC21 module. If you want to use the same command, you can choose EC21 and EC25, or EG21 and EG25 module. Thanks!

Thanks for explaining. It seems like I had a misunderstanding about the similarities and compatibilities of the module families.

Sorry for bring any inconvenience for you. Please go on your test. Thanks!