AT command suitable firware

Hi All,

Please refer to the attached figure.

I am using the Microcontroller and want to send the AT command from the Microcontroller to MC60 via UART. I want to use the MC60 as a radio.

So, the question is which firmware do I have to use?
1: Default firmware which is provided by Quecktel.
2: Open CPU.

Hi,You can use the default firmware and then send the MC60 AT commands through the MCU to complete the recording and play the music.

If you use an Open CPU you can do Radio design on Open without the MCU. Of course, if you have other peripherals that need to be controlled by MCU, I recommend you use the default firmware

Hi @vincent.ding-Q

Thanks for the reply.

My requirement is not for recording and playing music. it’s a security product.
Here, the MC60 is used for cloud connectivity via the MQTT protocol and MCU is a processing unit. So the role of the MC60 is like a BG96.

Can you please confirm again for suitable firmware?

and how to get the latest MC60 default firmware?

Ok, in this case, you can use the default firmware and send AT command to the module through MCU to complete the business you need. If you only want personal test instead of mass shipment, I can provide you with the latest firmware. May I ask which ECA version or ECB version you use