Assisted GPS for EC25-E

I’m using EC25-E module with SixFab 4G/LTE base hat for Raspberry Pi. It’s taking too long time to get GPS Fix so, I want to try assisted GPS function. As per the documents, I will need QCOM tool to upload the GPS assist file to RAM. Where do I get the tool?

Is there any way to use assisted GPS function without using the tool?

Dear shrsulav

  1. What antenna do you use?
  2. Could you share the GNSS log?
  3. Could you provide your email address? I will send you the QCOM tool by email.

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Dear Albert,

I am using LTE Main & Diversity & GNSS Triple Port u.FL Antenna – 100mm.

I do not have the GNSS log at the moment. But what I have observed is that, in open sky environment, it takes about 25seconds. In closed rooms, it does not get a fix at all. Is it expected?

My email id is

Thank you.

Dear shrsulav
That’s what you said, because GNSS antennas need to receive satellite broadcast signals. This signal is relatively weak. It is very weak indoors and basically cannot be positioned.

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I am comparing the performance with that of the mobile phones GPS. The GPS in mobile phones seems to be able to get GPS Fix even in indoors condition. Will using AGPS (using QCOM tool to push data to the module) improve this in EC25-E module?

Dear Sir,
AGPS such as XTRA can improve positioning ability in poor situation. But if there’s no GNSS signal, the module cannot get location even with AGPS.
You can download GPS Test App to test.
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