Any truly usable PCIE DRIVER on Linux with kernel 6.4

Please send me a PCIE-DRIVER. My system is on Arch Linux with kernel 6.4.

It seems that we have solved it via QQ group.

No, not solved perfectly, some problems kept here. For example, the SYSTEM NETWORK CONTROL CENTRE cannot find or control this module. In other words, this module can not generate or be registered as a physical net-card, tun or tap device . More seriously, some software thinks there is no internet even though this module is normally running. One lucky thing is that today I suddenly found it could be registered as a physical net-card if it was connected to system via usb3.0(not pcie), and in this way SYSTEM NETWORK CONTROL can treat it as a mobile band and manage it . So this is to classify there is still some bugs in your code. I am looking forward to getting a relatively perfect driver via pcie port. In that way, SYSTEM NETWORK CONTROL CENTRE can manage it and no foggy error happens on some software.