Any other way of downloading QNavigator?

I’m a developer that chose to integrate the MC60 module into a client’s project.

The examples are very scarce and QNavigator would help me a lot. But I sent two requests for downloading it, with no answer from Quectel.

It also seems that the download link says “Access limited to Premium Users”. What does that mean? Do I have to pay a fee to get it? I already bought a few samples of MC60.

Hi,I have sent you a private message. Please tell me after downloading it
We have not maintained this tool for a long time, so we suggest using QCOM. QNavigator only encapsulates some ATS and sends them, which is the same as QCOM sending AT directly

Shortly after posting this message I was contacted by the Quectel support team from my country, which helped me download QNavigator.

I see that QCOM only sends the commands, which doesn’t help me much.
QNavigator already helped me by running its examples and seeing the console commands.

Thank you for your help!