Any driver FOR RM502QAE (via pcie) on windows10?

Is there any driver FOR RM502QAE (via pcie) on windows10 x64 ? I’m looking for it. Please share it with me at .

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Sorry, the new email is or Both of them is valid. You can use it to email me.

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the email has been sent.
i hope it is useful to you,thanks.

Could you send me another PCIE-Driver ( pcie driver on ArchLinux with kernel 6.4)? I got a Linux PCIE-Driver from your salesperson. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. So could you give me one experienced testing? Email: I tried to communicate with your FAE@sunny @mika in group, but no one replys me.

I found a driver that Iyou can try to see if it works, and sent it via email,thanks.

Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Now your FAE give me another one(version: 1.6.5), it runs! But there are still some problem kept.For example, some software thinks that here is no internet as they are offline. And there shoud be, it should be regraded as a tun,tap or physical network card, and everything goes well. But there are not.(hotspot and shared network can not connect.)

Sorry to see this reply now. If you cannot register the network, you need to grab the log and analyze it. The first step in dialing is to register the network.

Is there any driver FOR RM5000Q-GL on windows10 x64 ? I’m looking for it. Please share it with me at.

I would like to ask if the problem has been solved. What kind of driver is needed here? Is it the driver in the network card or other drivers?

drivers to install to PC. module RM500Q-GL no service

It has been sent via email, please check if it works.


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I have resent,thanks.