Antenna testing without SIM card on BG96


We are developing a new product and we are now in the stage where we have to think about how to test every part of the pcb while in production. So, the idea is to test if the main antenna for the bg96 is placed correctly on the PCB and if there is not a manufacturing fault.

However, we don’t want to activate the sim card in production. I tried to see some kind of indication of good signal strength, but I am having a hard time to find out what the steps need to be to acquire this information without registering to a network.

Can someone please guide me in the right direction?

Hi Jeroen
Maybe you can check command AT+CFUN. when AT+CFUN=4 will disable the UE from both transmitting and receiving RF signals, just like an airplane mode.
And when AT+CFUN=0 SIM card will not detected. hope this will help you ~

Linkin WANG

Ah yeah, but I am afraid that this is not what I am looking for. I am looking for a set of AT commands that test if I have a good signal. But without using a SIM (the sim is there but not activated). I would think that is possible since a mobile phone can determine the signal quality before connecting. I also have seen it on an other device but I do not know how they did that.