Analog Audio Output/ voice Recording feature in EC200N-CN

Hi Team,

We are using EC200N-CN Module for voice record and playback purpose, We have below option to record and playback the voice message,

1.Option 1: Taking Analog Audio output from Modem and then connecting with standlaone Audio recorder IC to record and playback later.
A) We tried this option but EC200N-CN module generate PCM output instead of Analog output but datasheet mentioned that modem support for audio output, So please confirm EC200N-CN moudle can support for analog audio output as like M66 Modem. If not which variant can support for Analog audio Audio output in EC200x series.
2. Option 2 : Record the voice message in modem itself using USF and playback later. This will save the product cost , Since external voice recorder ic is not required.
A) whether EC200N-CN module can suppport Audio record and Playback feature, If yes what is max memory Size avaialbe to recorder the voice message.
B) We need atleast 20sec duration to record the incoming call , the same need to playback later.

The EC200N-CN module supports audio recording and playback functions, and its available space is about 1M.