An EM12-G SMS bug

I have a preliminary EM12 AT commands guide. It states that the default AT+CNMI? result should be:

+CNMI: 2,1,0,0,0

Instead, it’s:

+CNMI: 2,2,0,0,0

The result is that all new incoming SMSs are immediately and permanently lost.

This is my first post here, so please be gentle :slight_smile:


Dear Snowgum,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forums.
I have checked two FW version EM12GPAR01A17M4G and EM12GPAR01A17M4G, and get the same results as you +CNMI: 2,2,0,0,0. So there may have some error information in the preliminary EM12 AT command guide. I will feedback it to our RD, and modified in released document. Thanks for your information. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply.

I believe that the manual has the correct setting, and the modem’s default is highly undesirable.

AT+CNMI=2,2,0,0,0 has the unfortunate consequence of incoming SMSs being lost completely. That will happen whenever the modem starts before software is able to catch the unsolicited text messages dumped to the command port.

I refer you my post on another forum:



Dear Snowgum,
About the issue, i have feedback to our RD, they will double check it. If it is the FW issue, they will modified it and release new FW; if it is the document issue, we will correct the document. Thanks!
But for this parameter, you can reset it with AT command. Thanks!

The problem will remain if the firmware is not patched.

When the modem is powered up, and has registered with the carrier, any as yet undelivered SMSs will be quickly delivered - within a couple of seconds.

These SMSs will be lost (and never seen).

SMSs must never be routed directly to the TE unless and until software is running on the TE to catch them.



Dear Snowgum,
Got it. I will ask RD to check whether it is the software issue. Thanks!