Altitude / Speed Limits

I am looking for clarification on Quectel GPS and GNSS receivers, regarding their operation beyond the altitude (18,000 m) / speed (515 m/s) limits: (1) Do the limits apply when both limits are exceeded, or when either limit is exceeded; (2) What is the speed limit when operating in “balloon mode” (80,000 m altitude limit). The modules in question are L70 and L76. Thank you.

Dear Sir,
Please refer to the latest HD doc, where the maximum altitude is updated to 10 km instead of previous 18 km.
Quectel_L76&L76-L_Hardware_Design_V3.2.pdf (840.6 KB)
Regarding to your questions:
1, When either limit is exceeded, the receiver will have unstable positioning feature, losing location for several seconds and then getting location for several seconds.
2, Speed limit is the same when in “balloon mode”.