Alternative SIM Interface

Do you have another SIM interface like ethernet to be used instead of the normal HW USIM interface?
Alternative will it be possible to get a copy of you SIM SW interface you use in your module? (EG06)

Hi Sir:

The module dosen`t have what you call alternative SIM interface;
Is there any problem with the current SIM interface of your EG06?
Does the SIM function not work now?

The SIM interface works fine, but we are interested in additional SIM interface. It appears that future modules will be able to support Multible SIM card and this would be a very nice feature as for now we have to build special HW in order to support Dual SIM cards.

Hi mespersen:

You can use analog switch to support dual SIM cards;
The attachment downlink is “Solutions for Dual SIM Card Switch” for your reference;