Agps (EPO) in l76

from Lx6&Lx0&LC86L&LG77L AGNSS Application Note page 12/48

2.1. Get EPO Files from Server
can you send me a link to download EPO file server please
i will use it for test download and test EPO function for using with my l76 module.

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Dear Sir,
If you just want to test EPO feature, you can also download EPO files by QGNSS.
Please refer to the following screenshot and download QGNSS tool from link below:
QGNSS_V1.5.2_Build1108.7z: Sign in to your account

(i set MCU to send back the message that i sent to it i send then i sent the message that MCU receive to GPS by uart )
when I upload it to the board that I use it doesn’t response any command after it finished

here is the image and command when I click download to the module

after it’s finished (photo1) i send $PMTK253,0,9600*09/r/n but it does not send me any message but it send just (photo2)


Dear Sir,
You downloaded EPO files with wrong date. EPO_GPS_3_1.DAT includes 3-day’s assistance data from today. And Please refer to attached doc flash EPO:

Quectel_Lx0&Lx6&LC86L&LG77L_AGNSS_Application_Note_V1.2.pdf (893.2 KB)

If you want to test EPO’s help on TTFF, need to disabled EASY feature first, issue cold start (refer to protocol doc) and then download EPO files with valid date into module, and check in clear sky how it will take to get location. Generally with UTC time & approximate location injection and EPO file assistance, the TTFF in clear sky should be less than 10 seconds in cold start condition instead of TTFF 35 seconds@cold start.
Quectel_Lx0&Lx6&LC86L&LG77L_GNSS_Protocol_Specification_V2.1 (1).pdf (525.1 KB)