AGNSS support on L86 FW L86NR02A02S

Good afternoon,

I am working on implementing AGNSS on a project with an L86 receiver. Our L86 chips are running FW version L86NR02A02S.

Following GNSS_Flash_EPO_Application_Note_V1.0, I first tried writing QEPO data via the binary interface but failed to receive any acknowledgement packets from the receiver.

I then found an updated application note, Quectel_Lx0Lx6LC86LLG77L_AGNSS_Application_Note_V1.2, that suggested writing the QEPO data via NMEA commands. I tried this approach as well, but again the receiver does not respond with any acknowledgment packet.

Is AGNSS functionality supported with this FW version? If not, what is the latest documentation for performing FOTA to a newer L86 firmware?


In the release notes Rev.L86_Firmware_Release_Notes_V0202S is says that EPO is supported. Please confirm whether this is correct.

As a follow up question then, what is the recommended method for writing QEPO (6 hour prediction) data to an L86 receiver on FW version L86NR02A02S? Is there any obvious reason why a module would not respond with an ACK message after writing a chunk of EPO data?

Thank you.