AG15 Qcom setup Configurations with windows


I am using AG15 daughter board with UMTS LTE board.

  1. After connecting it with USB, but after turning on the Power key of UMTS kit.
  2. I can see com ports in my device manager.
  3. But UMTS kit shows SLEEP LED on all the time.

However, with BG77 daughter board it works fine. I am just wandering if i can use AG15 daughter board with UMTS LTE Kit?

Dear Vidushi,

Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel Forum.

Yes, AG15 module can use with UMTS & LTE EVB Kit

At present,as AG15 standard module don’t have sleep mode, so we have not configured the GPIO port corresponding to the LED, the defaulted is high level, this is why SLEEP LED keeps lighting on all the time, it doesn’t matter, you don’t need to care about it.

Hi Markus,

Thanks for responding back.

  1. I am getting error for most of the AT commands like COPS, CFUN. I am unable to set CFUN=1, by default it is coming +CFUN: 0.
  2. Do we need to use sim with AG15? As we are using sim with BG77 and Bg96.

Dear Vidushi,

AG15 module can not support SIM function, AG35 module support SIM.

Please send me complete BG77 and BG96 AT Log of AT+COPS, AT+CFUN, I will check them or you can execute the following AT Command and give AT Log to me
Regarding to AT+CFUN,you can refer to the following example:

Hi Markus,

Thanks for early response. BG96 and Bg77 is working good. please see the attached screen shot of the same. It is able to connect with LTE-CATM

But i don’t know how to start with AG15 to see if its communication is working(b/w 2 AG15).

AG15 need to be used with external AP, for example imx6 and imx8 ;
As Markus said AG15 module can not support SIM function, it is a v2x module which follow D2D(PC5 mode)protocol; Many network related AT instructions are not supported.

Dear Vidushi,

As the use of AG15 module is different from other modules, can you tell me which country are you from? so that we can help you to find corresponding local FAE to solve your problem, or please send email to for help

Hi Markus,

I am in Sanjose - California.

Hi bingo,

Could you please point to AT commands that i need to configure?

  1. I can see one command in Preliminary AT command manual “AT+QCFG=“usbnet”,4”. Do you want me to look at some different application note?

  2. I have same question for GNSS configuration as i am able to get GPS NMEA on USB NMEA Port. But unable to get GPS FIX packets. Do i need to use “QGPSCFG” commands as that of BG77? I can’t see any AT Commands for AG15.
    Commands used
    AT+QGPS // To enable GPS

Dear Vidushi,

As there is a big difference between AG15 and BG77 module, AG15 module is not controlled by AT command. It is controlled by API, So regarding to your problem, I suggest please send email to for help. After receiving your email, our technical support team responsible for America will help you to solve this problem.



Thanks Markus:)


I have one AG15 module. I want to set up a Device to device communication between two AG15 kits. Is it mandatory to use DART-MX8M.

Can I do this using MDM9150 (which is inbuilt processor in the AG15)? I able to access MDM9150 but rmnet is not working for me. Do you have any idea how to access to do that?

If we have to use DART-MX8M - Do you have any document for DART-MX8M and AG15 connections?