<AG15> How to ask AG15 radio and locate info recieved by GPS modulle?

How to ask AG15 radio information and location info recieved by GPS modulle ?

Is there any AT command ?

Usually we use acme to check the throughput/Latency with 2 DUTs:
1 DUT is used for cv2x TX and RX, the other DUT is used for cv2x echo mode(receive cv2x message then forward it to tx–each RX will be sent back):
“ps -aux | grep acme | awk ‘{print $1}’ | sed -n ‘1p’ | xargs kill ” can kill the “acme -R &” background process.
Ctrl + C can kill current front acme process.

NO 2 DUT2-acme -e:
acme -e

NO 1 DUT1-acme-rx-tx:
root@imx :~# acme -R &
root@imx :~# acme

all tx-rx packages are 67 in both DUT1 and DUT2. DUT1’s latency is almost twice of DUT2’s latency.
The whole cv2x message path is :
DUT1 IMX -> DUT1 AG15 -> DUT2 AG15 -> DUT2 IMX -> DUT2 AG15 -> DUT1 AG15 -> DUT1 IMX