After AT+QISEND get "PDP DEACTIVATED" response

Hello All,

We are working on the EG95 module as a server mode.

We are facing the “PDP DEACTIVATE” after server send data by AT+QISEND command.

Following are our TCP operation command sequence :

  1. Our GSM module in listening state and wait for the client connection
  2. +QIURC:incoming , upon on this response we get the client ID and IP
  3. Client will send the data to server
  4. +QIURC:recv, upon on this response we get the client ID
  5. now, server know that some data receive from client
  6. server get the receive data from client using, AT+QIRD, clientID, 256\r
  7. server get response and process on it
  8. now server send data to client by AT+QISEND, clientID, dataLength\r
  9. server get the response “>”, (ready for send the data)
  10. server send the data (data+0x1A)
  11. check the no of byte send to client by AT+QISEND, clientID,0\r
  12. client receive data successfully
  13. Step 8 to 12, we follow for successive transmit and receive operation

following case we observe :

  1. After second send receive integration server get “pdp deactivate response”
  2. After client connection to server , we are not getting observe point 1.
  3. Only one data send receive operation, observe point 1 noticed and it is happened in exact 15 sec.

We are unable to understand why server get “pdp deactivate” response.
Please guide us what is the issue.


Hi, guy, I am so sorry for replying late, your problem is complicated, I need to disscuss with my fellows, I will support you as soon as possible.