Advice about changing current LTE (7) network using AT+COPS=1,2,XXXXX over TTYUSB

Looking for advice if possible…

I am using a multi-network SIM (with a special APN) in a USB connected EC25 device managed via QMI scripts on Linux.

I’m using a JAVA based app to control the current network by sending messages to TTYUSB2 using jSerialComm library and listening for responses.

Sometimes the process works and sometimes I get +CME Error 30 responses - even though I only attempt to connect to networks listed as currently available using COPS=?

Am I just unlucky - in terms of network availability - with the connection attempt ?

Is it possible via AT commands to check network signal strengths when looking for available networks ?

Also is there any conflict with the existing QMI management doing the network switching this way ?
(I am re-initialising the IP route configuration via a QMI script (using qmicli, ip link WWAN0 down, up etc) after setting the new network to ensure full internet connectivity.)

Hello there
You can execute:
This will show the network signal strength during search network.

Thanks for the quick reply.

My device is EC25 - Revision EC25EUXGAR08A02M1G
It seems like the commands added between v1.3 of the AT Command Set and v2.0 are not supported - can I upgrade the modem firmware ?

hello there
I have send the latest FW via email, please check your email, thank you.

Thanks Duncan, where can I find the firmware update application - and is it only for windows ?

OK, I have found the linux update v2.0 tool and made a request for download (Premium User only)

So I have not been able to get the firmware update tool - Windows or Linux version - how can I become a Premium User?

hello there
I have send the update tool on Linux platform via email, you can use it and update the FW i have send you, thank you.

Thanks for all your help , Duncan - built the upgrade tool on my Pi Zero and flashed the modem - AT+QOPS scans now working perfectly !
Excellent support from Quectel here.

@Duncan.Xu-Q: If you can please help me too, with similar issue, I am grateful.

I am interested to find out if it is possible to update the firmware on the EC21-AU Modem when it forms part of an MCU System using SAMD51, specifically this is Seeed Studio WIO LTE product. This product does not have JTAG or other debug pinfield; it has only (a) USB Plug and (b) SD Card that might be used to perform the loading of a firmware file.

If you cannot make comments about the specific product (I understand) then please provide instructions on the general methodology that can be used.

HI there
Our module can update FW as your description. You can update FW via USB port. Before that, you need to reserve the USB port of the module,thank you.

That sounds great thank you @Duncan.Xu-Q

Are you able to talk me through the steps of reserving the USB port ?

Generally the USB port is used for (a) monitoring debugging output and (b) DFU file upload.

Within the library provided by Seeed is a function to bypass the firmware in the SAMD51 and talk directly to the AT COMMAND serial port. Could this be what you are referring to ?
What I do not know is how to zap that code and revert to normal operation when it’s is done. There are no instructions from Seeed on that.

Anyway, are you able to please send me by email (or send me a link) the update firmware file and the program to perform the update.