Adding Read Transparent Requests to Uqmi for EC25-E?


I’m trying to add some UIM commands to the uqmi utility for my Quectel EC25-E modem. Since this model does not support the DMS requests for SIM card information, I’m trying to use the read transparent request functionality in uqmi.

After going through how libqmi and qmicli does it, I have added a prepare and callback functions here to the UIM service to make the same requests for the ICCID.

I have confirmed that the 0x3F00,0x2FE2 address for the ICCID read is being passed and broken up correctly by my function. However, when I use the command I’ve added, I keep getting an “Invalid Argument” error message.

I have also run qmicli in debug mode to compare my request data and they’re both sending the same request data.

How can I find out what is currently throwing the “Invalid Argument” error during the request?

The qmi you used for requesting ICCID may have been discarded by Qualcoomm, so module does not support it.

@Isaac.Wang-Q thank you for your reply!

Do you mean that read transparent requests have been removed, or the specific address 0x3F00,0x2FE2 is no longer supported?

I am not sure. You can check if there is a newer version of uqmi.

I figured out that this was caused by not iterating through all arguments passed - corrected this by using the correct value of qmi_uim_read_transparent_request.file.file_path_n by increasing it by 1 here to:

.file_path_n = ARRAY_SIZE(&path) + 1