Acknowledge TCP client packets on the server side from MC60 module

Following the Quectel_GSM_TCPIP_Application_Note_V1.2.pdf manual, the “3.1. Single TCP or UDP connection as a client” example mentions the “AT+QISACK” command to query the acknowledged data.

In my case, the data is received on the server, but the “AT+QISACK” response is always the same:

+QISACK: 355, 0, 355


According to the manual, the server didn’t acknowledged the data.

How can the server signal that it acknowledged the data?

When I wrote the question I was confused by the fact that “AT+QISACK” command kept telling me that the server didn’t acknowledge my packets.

The fact is that the server did acknowledge my packets, but I should have queried the “AT+QISACK” command over and over until the confirmation of acknowledgement.

My mistake was that I queried the “AT+QISACK” command only once.

Anyway, the problem no longer exists.