A confirmation about UC20 usage

Can we update Quectel UC20 module like a general microcontroller to get sensor data via I2C and send it as an sms? I have UC20 evb.

I think what you mean is that take the UC20 as MCU and you would develop APP on UC20.
As far as I know it don’t support.

If you must that feature, I think it is better to try Quectel OpenSolution.
QuecOpen might be the best choice.

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Do you have an external MCU?
You can only make the MCU communicate with the Quectel modem via UART or USB.

Quectel provide the AT commands for you,

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I have an NodeMCU-32s (esp-wroom-32) and also NodeMCU-12E (ESP8266). I just found out that I have to use RS232 to TTL converter in order to establish communication between my MCU and UC20 attached to EVB. It will work right?

yeah yeah! I got AT Commands.

Make sure the the MCU can communicate with the UC20 via uart.

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Sir one more small doubt… Can I use 4G/5G sim cards for UC20 Module?

Yes. If the SIM card support 3G/4G network,

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