5G SIM card for 4G Quectel Boards

We are using Quectel EG-25G for our product testing phase. We are trying to use available SIM cards in India market. Whereas, all the other vendor SIM cards like VI, BSNL,Airtel are working fine as we expect. But, when we use the latest Jio Network SIM card, it is showing network unreachable. We suspect that there would be some kind of network registry setting for Jio SIM cards. However, the older Jio SIM cards are working fine. We are really contemplating the issue of, why the latest Jio SIM card are not working , even though they charged with additional data package. Any clue on this.

Hi @sureshd
Can you check with JIO operators if the new SIM card only supports IPV6, I think the problem may be in the APN configuration.

Yes, I have checked by carrying out different test parameters and the latest released SIM cards are supporting IPV6 only.