5G RM521F & RM520 Issue aggregation NR 5G

Greetings All

I have a problem with my router RM521F (X65 snapdragon)
It is accepting aggregation NR 5G bands (N78 + N41 ) but actually can’t aggregation (N78+N78 or N41+N41…etc) with same type . this issue observed when I used :

  • Router Suncomm SE06 Pro Max has X65 with module RM521F //Speed (400Mb/s) Band 5G NSA N77 (Signal Strength :Strong)
  • Router Zyxel NR5103E 5G NR // Speed (1200Mb/s) Band 5G NSA N77+N77 (Signal Strength :Strong)

I tried to connect to N77+N77 on RM521F manaully by AT command but nothing happend AT+QNWPREFCFG= “nsa_nr5g_band”,77:77

Revision: RM521FGLEAR05A02M4G
Hardware version :V1.2

Suncomm RM521F (X65):

Zyxel Readings:

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Other than setting up the right conditions for CA, there’s nothing more you can do to get it activated.

CA is done by negotiation between modem and base station.

Yeah its up to tower. What speeds can we get from RM521?

Dude ,
I have phone 14 pro max has snapdragon X65 speed reached to 1100 Mb/s two bands N77+N77 Note: (same location of router X65)
RM521 X65: got only one signa

The Three Devices on same location
I phone 14 Pro Max

Zyxel also got two bands 5g

except RM521F X65 only one 5G signal

Whay router are you using?

I’m Using Suncomm SE06 Pro Max with Snapdragon X65 Quectel RM521F

That’s a powerful router. To be honest phones seems faster than these quectel modules this days. There are 5G phones that are only $100 which you can usb tether plug to a $70 router share and get good results.

the issue with Software and quectel and I will tell you why …
Router Zyxel NR5103E 5G NR has CPU Integrated T750 mediatek 4x Cortex-A55
which is lower than Quectel RM521F X65

and getting very high speeds on Zyxel NR5103E 5G

please need your support
@AnnaLiu , @silvia , @Bean.Wang-Q @herbert.pan-Q @iamromulan @Arthur_Dent

In the screenshot you are in NSA mode.
You’ll get one NR band and the rest will be LTE.
SA mode is where you can aggregate up to 3 NR bands on the 521.

Here’s some commands for reference.
(Check what the current network search mode is set to)
(Set network search mode to automatic)
(Set network search mode to 5G/NR and 4G/LTE only)
(Set network search mode to 5G/NR only)
(Set network search mode to 4G/LTE only)
AT+QNWPREFCFG=“nr5g_disable_mode” (Check to see if SA or NSA NR5G is disabled)
(Enable Both SA and NSA 5G/NR)
(Disable SA 5G/NR only)
(Disable NSA 5G/NR only)

Thank you dear for your reply ,
actually NSA 5G can support to aggregat up to 3 5G bands in NSA mode ,as I mentioned Its working with me N78+ N40 but N78+N78 or N77 +N77 is not working since there are two bands same type

see : N78+N40

update of my router


Oh, apologies that makes more sense. In America the providers don’t have more than one NR band available in NSA.

Band locking for SA and NSA are different commands
Try these commands:

AT+QNWPREFCFG=“nsa_nr5g_band" (to check what it currently is band locked to; I recommend saving this output in case you want to turn off the band lock later)


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Really Thank you Mr.Iamromulan for your support but believe me I tried all options from AT-Command manual , also I communicated this issue with Suncomm Company (seller) they couldn’t share solution until to now.

I believe there is firmware issue with RM521-F because lower routers specifications from other companies could catch two bands 5g from same family.

your support please :
@AnnaLiu , @silvia , @Bean.Wang-Q @herbert.pan-Q @Arthur_Dent @Alpha

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For some reason, it seems the command, AT+QNWPREFCFG=“nsa_nr5g_band” always returns the following:

+QNWPREFCFG: “nsa_nr5g_band”,0


This seems to be a firmware issue that a few people have been mentioning. For example, I could access any combination of 2XCA of N25, N41, or N71 with a RM520N in SA mode. And I could use NSA with any of those bands, plus LTE bands. Now that I have a RM521F, I can only use N41 in NSA mode. No matter if I select N25 or N71, it reverts right back to N41.

+QCAINFO: “PCC”,950,50,“LTE BAND 2”,1,210,-100,-10,-72,24
+QCAINFO: “SCC”,66786,100,“LTE BAND 66”,1,411,-97,-7,-81,0,0,-,-
+QCAINFO: “SCC”,501390,12,“NR5G BAND 41”,804
+QCAINFO: “SCC”,526830,7,“NR5G BAND 41”,1,804,0,-,-


your support please :
@AnnaLiu , @silvia , @Bean.Wang-Q @herbert.pan-Q @Alpha

your support please :
@AnnaLiu , @silvia , @Bean.Wang-Q @herbert.pan-Q @Alpha