5G Module supporting Ethernet PDU session type, UL Configured Grants and SemiPersistent Scheduling and/or subcarrier spacing higher than 30 kHz


I would like to ask if there is any Quectel module supporting these (all or any of them) features:

  • Ethernet PDU session type (or unstructured PDU session type)
  • SemiPersistent scheduling (for data, not for voice) and UL configured grants
  • Subcarrier Spacing (SCS) higher than 30 kHz
  • Subcarrier Spacing (SCS) of 30 kHz for FDD


Best regards,

Dear @jorgenavarro
Which type do you want´╝čRG or RM?
And which region are you in?

Thanks. I have two RM500Q-AE and one RM500Q-GL, so I was thinking in something similar. I am from Spain, so it should be compatible with Europe (although it is not a hard requirement, it is for testing in laboratory and we can modify the parameters of the gNB).