5G module EVB kit recommendation

I am searching for an EVB kit for Quectel 5G modules.
I can see on Quectel website the available 5G modules in BGA, M2, PCIe interfaces.
However, I don’t see an EVB kit for the 5G modules.
I found this 5G EVB kit online below. However, I didn’t find the datasheet for it.


Could you please recommend an EVB kit for any of the Quectel 5G modules?
I don’t have requirements for the 5G module interface, but the general requirement is that it is based on Qualcomm chipsets and the Qualcomm diagnostic ports drivers are available.
In my understanding, if I purchase the 5G EVB in the above link, I will also need to purchase one of the 5G modules to plug into the EVB in order to use it. Is my understanding correct?
If so, which 5G module would fit to the EVB in the above link?

Dear @jonwh
The EVB in above link fit these modules below:

But if you want to use these module in the EVB, please order module TE-A like below:

I have sent the user guide of this EVB via Message, you can check firstly.

Hi Silvia,

Thank you for reply.
I have several questions about the EVB kit.
As you mentioned I should use the TE-A module for the EVB, that’s, for example, the RG500Q-EA module that I am looking at in this link:
[RG500QEAAA-M20-SGASA Quectel | RF and Wireless | DigiKey]

So if I use the above TE-A module to plug in the EVB kit in this link below, I should be able to have a working 5G development kit. Is this correct? Please let me know if I miss something.
A TE-A from digikey website.

Also, I have 2 questions for the technical details.

  1. Does the EVB board or the 5G module itself has internal antennas? I am asking this because it looks the EVB board has 8 RF antenna connectors. If these antenna connectors are left empty (no antennas connected), does the EVB still pick up RF signals?
  2. How can I unlock the Qualcomm diagnostic port on the EVB? Is it fully open?

Sorry, the forum doesn’t allow me to post hyperlinks in the post.

Thanks a lot.

Silvia, I sent you a message. It has the digikey hyperlinks in the original post.
The current reply post doesn’t have the digikey hyperlinks.