5g cpe modem tuoshi

hello guys can you help me
send me firmware TUOSHI 5G CPE RG500UEAABxCOMSLICv3.2.2543.12.18 this version

   after update i encounter problem 
    i want to roll back ..Please help if you have that version please send me at my email 

thankyou admin thankyou

Dear @Marktzy
From your description, I don’t know your firmware. RG500UEAABxCOMSLICv3.2.2543.12.18 is named by Tuoshi, so I can’t see this on my side.

Can i change that firmware to this without problem RG500UEAABR03A04M4G_01.001.01.001

Dear @Marktzy
Sorry, I need to know the original firmware, then check whether it can upgrade or not.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 093025