3G setting on SC20 board

I need to turn on 3G on my SC20 board. Does it exist some software like wpa_supplicant for the 3G setting? Let me clarify what I mean. I turn on a 3G connection using a touchscreen now. But I need to do it from the console or using a bash-script. Moreover “systemctl” command show me QCMAP_ConnectionManagerd.service - loaded active running. Maybe I can connect to the network using QCMAP_CLI? Please clarify.

Dear customer:
We don’t have this command to do this work. Any change by AT command will not take effect.
But i think you can try to write a Android service to do this work.

you can refer to Settings application,

Hello, I have the exactly same issue, we are developing our own board based on the SC20, our board doesn’t have a screen and we need that the board connects automatically to the 4G network.

There is a configuration file?

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Hi Job

I found the configuration file, now is working.