2G coverage for BG95

Hi, Quectel
I am Muhammad Ahmed, from Whizz Systems Inc USA California.
We are working on BG95-MF in our board and one of our customers is in Germany. And T-Mobile is only supporting 2G networks in Germany.
As per the datasheet, BG95-MF doesn’t support GSM/EDGE.
What should be the alternate quick solution? As our boards are designed and ready to ship.

sorry , no idea

if you have enough time to change PCB , May be MC90 can meet your needs

another choice , add one additional wifi board on your board ,

for wifi chipset , you can chose ESP8285

You could also use a SIM which allows you to access cat-M networks in Germany; Twilio Super SIM works well on cat-M with BG96 in Germany so the same should be fine on BG95.