What is the EC20 URC meaning?



+QDMURC: “register”,-6
when i use the ec20 mode , it reported the urc “+QDMURC: “register”,-6”,but i can’t found the meaning of that in the AT commands manual ; what does it means? thanks !

Dear Idmona,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
The URC inforamtion is related to China Mobile certificate, you can ingore it. You can upgrade the firmware to the latest version, we already close this URC in the latest version. Thanks!

thank you for your reply,in most cases ,the urc is not existing,so there must have something wrong. so can you tell me what causes the urc?

Dear Idmona,
The URC is related to China Mobile certificate, which require the module should register on China Mobile cloud platform automatically after power on. The URC means that it can not register on the platform successful. It is the special firmware version for China Mobile certifictae. So please upgrade the module firmware to test, skip this URC information. Sorry for bringing any inconvenience for you. Thanks!