Unable to access "Own Numbers" phonebook

I have a collection of Queclel modules, including EC25-AU, EM06-E, EM12-G and RM500Q-AE.

Whenever I get a new or replacement SIM, the MSISDN entry is empty. So AT+CNUM does not return the SIM’s “phone number”.

So I need to write the MSISDN to the SIM myself.

But none of my Quectel modems let me access the “Own Numbers” phonebook directly. I need to do this to write entry 1 of the “ON” phonebook.

It’s not accessible:

+CPBS: (“SM”,“DC”,“MC”,“ME”,“RC”,“EN”)

I have no problem accessing the SIM’s “ON” phone book and writing the entry when I use other brands of modem.

we have internal AT to write MSISDN , but this AT can not open to customer directly ,If necessary, please contact your sales representative

we support query like the below:


[2022-02-11_17:26:57:317]+CNUM: ,"+8618019558308",145

Thank you for your reply.

I find it odd that you don’t allow read/write access to the “ON” phonebook using standard 3GPP AT commands.

Such access is documented in my copy of your EG512R&EM1x0R Series AT Commands Manual and RG50xQ&RM5xxQ Series AT Commands Manual (section 7.4 of both).

But my RM500Q-AE still doesn’t support “ON” as a phonebook.

Was there any resolution to this? I have an EC25 that I cant store an MSISDN for.

I didn’t follow up the offer from Quectel which involves contacting a sales representative.

I just use a different modem - one which gives me “ON” phonebook write access. Inconvenient though.

Another forum contributor pointed me in the right direction.

We need to change the set of phonebooks from “Global” to “Local”. It’s a Qualcomm command (not Quectel) that’s used to do this. So it can apply to other makes of modem using a Qualcomm chipset.

Switch to local phonebooks: AT$QCPBMPREF=1

Switch to global phonebooks: AT$QCPBMPREF=0

See forum article: EC21-EUX read MSISDN