UC200TEM: Undesired HTTPGET response and Queclocater not working

Hi Team,

I have UC200TEM module and EVB. Few issues, I am facing are:

  1. I am trying to make an HTTPGET request. Please Check the log file response of the server. It is giving a random undesired response. After resetting few times, I was able to get proper desired response. Could you please explain, what might have caused this behavior.

  2. I am not able to use Queclocator on this module. The firmware installed on the device supports Queclocator. However the at command response is this after activating PDP.

Please help.


Dear Kamlesh,
Please check the following answers to your questions.
1.Please check the following picture, you must need to waiting for the response of the AT+QHTTPGET, then send the command AT+QHTTPREAD.

2.Now UC200T do not support free Queclocator, if you want to use such function, please contact our local sales to check the charge. Thanks!

Hi @Kyson,

I tried to do the same in later tests. But I got similar or (same) response. Please see below attached image:

Regarding, Queclocater, thank you for the information. I will contact suitable person for the same.


The log you provide is normal now, have no obvious error information. Thanks!

Hi @Kyson,

I have tested with Postman that the get request on the url used in the AHTTPURL command gives this:
“userId”: 1,
“id”: 1,
“title”: “delectus aut autem”,
“completed”: false

However, here the response is 524847 characters long. I don’t understand, why the module got this response from the server.


Please check the HTTP application note, which already note it. Thanks!

Hello @Kyson,

I’m Sorry, my question was not clear. I understand that the HTTPS response header’s information on content length will be reflected here. My concern is that this is not correct. It should be less than 100 characters. The response is also gibberish (some website links are present in the response).

After resetting the module 2-3 times, the response was proper.

What really I am seeing is the response of HTTPGET request sent previously according to the example given in AT command manual. The example uses sina.com.cn to test for http get request. I tried the same example. Later, I changed the url (to given in the pictures above) and still, I was receiving the same response of the request.