UART driver for EC20 GSM Modem?

Hi All

I am newbie to Quectel. I want to know is there any UART driver is available for EC20 GSM Modem.

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Dear Nandishsg,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
About the UART driver, you can try to use the common driver program, if you use our EVB board, you can try to use the following driver to have a try. Thanks!

HI Kyson.
Thanks for your Quick reply. but in attached link it contains the USB to RS232 Cable and converter driver files.
but i want it to know UART driver,
for example in this link ( they are used as USB driver. Like as i am looking for UART driver for interface in linux.
if i am wrong any concept wise please correct me.

Basically My requirement is i need to interface the EC20 Modem with imx8 nano using UART interface in linux yocto project and need send send the AT commands,
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I know your requirement , but normally it should already support UART driver in Linux system, you do not need to install it again. You just need to use some test tool such as minicom or busybox to send AT command to module via UART port. Thanks!

Hi Kyson.

please have a look the below image for Quectel modem out of this which UART driver file i need to select for configure please let me know.

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Dear Nandishag,
Thanks for your updating.
Normally, when test module via UART port with our EVB board, we will install RS232 to USB driver owing to we have use the level transition IC in Windows system. And in Linux, it already install such driver, we do not need to install it again. If your system have no such driver, you can install it by yourself. Thanks!