ttyUSB1 is locked and minicom is frozen

hi everyone,

i am using EC21 module. sometimes, minicom freezes when I connect to ttyUSB1 port. i cannot exiting from minicom. Could you please help me about this?

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Dear Musamelih,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Please confirm why you will use USB1, please check the following picture, ttyUSB1 is just for GPS NMEA message output.Thanks!

thank you kyson,

i use ttyUSB1 -> for GPS NMEA message output. normally, when the GPS is run, everything is ok. But, when i connect ttyUSB1 while gps is not working, the minicom freezes. i can not exiting from minicom.

I think it is not a problem. if you do not power on GPS, it is no need to connect this port, and it cannot be used for other application. In other word, you may also can change to busybox or other tool to have a try. Thanks!