Hi, I have a QUECTEL EC200U-EU and buy 10 PC from Local vendor , but where to download SDK for it? If there is, how can I get it?

I will send it to you via your email, please check.
Best wishes

Hi Dear FelixCheng-Q
I also have the same problem, I have purchased two sample EC200U-EU and I am now searching for the SDK, It will be appreciated if you send me the SDK package, via email.
Yours Sincerity
Amir Hossein

Please send me the SDK for EC200U-EU QUECTEL


Can you send me EC200U SDK as well?

hi dear FelixCheng-Q
I bought an EC200U module and I need the SDK package to develop my applications.
could you please send me SDK via email?

Please share the SDK in my email.

Can you send it to me via email:
Thansk very much!

I have a QUECTEL EC200U-CN AA module purchased from local store.I want SDK, Please send me the SDK for it

I parches EC200ucnac-n05-snnsa from my local vendor, now I want to use open cpu application so I need SDK file,
Can anyone Share me please.