Retrieve UDP data with M95 not working correctly

Hey there! I am working with Quectel M95FA in a PIC32 system.

I have a UDP server application running in the cloud to which I send data over the module and the application sends back an acknowledge message. The sending seems to be working ok, but after sending the command to retrieve the data, the correct format message is only received once each minute or so, and the packets are being sent each 500ms, so a lot of received messages are not being retrieved correctly.

Here it is the command sequence which is in use:

“+QIRD: :,UDP,\r\n” is what I should receive after the AT+QIRD command.

I don’t know if maybe I forgot to send some command in the middle or to set something else. Do you guys see something missing? Thanks in advance!

Could you please give me the specific log about the issue?

I set the receiving mode with “AT+QINDI=1\r\n” and then, each time data was received, the token "+QIRDI: " was sent to the module to retrieve the data. Now everything works perfect!