Question about AGPS function in MC60

I have some questions about the AGPS function in MC60.
Do EPO files downloaded automatically by calling AT+QGNSSEPO=1 (followed by instructions mentioned in “MC60 GNSS AGPS Application Note document”)?
Is there a way to check if it works properly in MC60 or to check if downloading files has been completed?
Does this function help to reduce cold start time inside buildings or we should use Queclocator in buildings and indoor positioning purposes?
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Dear Sir,
Regarding to Type B in the AGPS AN, AT+QGNSSEPO=1 is used to enable EPO function. Power ON the GNSS part via AT+QGNSSC=1 to trigger EPO download if there is no valid EPO data and inject the data to GNSS.
There is no obvious response or commands to indicate or query complete of EPO download, but there’s timing mechanism to manage EPO download.
Please note that AGPS is only used to shorten TTFF(time to first fix) by injecting time, approximate position and Ephm. GNSS receiver cannot work inside buildings even with AGPS feature. For indoor positioning purposes, Queclocator can be used to get approximate position.
Detailed info about AGPS, please refer to the attached documentation.

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Quectel_MC60&MC90_GNSS_AGPS_Application_Note_V1.2.pdf (607.1 KB)