Quectel M95 MQTT problem while opening a network for MQTT client

Hello !
I can’t figure out why the connection ends every time I try to open a Network for MQTT Client with the AT command “AT+QMTOPEN=0,“xxx.cloudmqtt.com ”,xxxxx”, then i get the correct response +QMTOPEN: 0,0 that means ==> Opened network successfully , but each time i get this URC +QMTSTAT: 0,1 which mean Connection is closed or reset by peer. i didn’t figure out how to solve this issue is there a wrong setting or a timeout that leads to get that URC each time ?

Thanks in advance !

any suggestions please ?

QMTOPEN requires you to complete QMTCONN within 10 seconds,otherwise the CONNECTION is closed by default;
please try again!

hi herbert.pan-Q,

thank you for your answer, actually i am sending QMTOPEN every time i had this URC but i got stuck in this loop, so my question is, is there a way to update this timeout. I tried to use AT+QMTCFG=“timeout”… but without success.
PS: i am using M95 quectel modem.

The timeout configuration does not work. This timer is determined by the kernel